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Nutritious, tender meat

We want you to be able to buy our beef directly from the farm. You will know the provenance of your meat, exactly where it  comes from, how it has been fed and how it has been treated. Our Red Poll suckler herd means our calves are born here on the farm, suckle milk from their mothers for at least six months, then live for at least another 18 months before being killed and butchered locally.

What drives us
We are trying to produce a natural product from a traditional English breed which links us to the long history of beef production in this country.  By caring for the animals, spending time with them, providing them with good quality grazing and comfortable and spacious winter housing, we aim to minimise stress and give them a satisfying, if short life.

The Red Poll breed produces fantastic, tasty, marbled meat. Grass feeding without fattening on corn produces nutritious meat rich in Omega 3 and beneficial fatty acids. Many of our customers say our beef is the best they have tasted. We hope you agree!

Quentin EdwardsThis 180 acre family farm on the Dorset - Wiltshire border was let for nearly 15 years before being taken back in hand by Quentin and Maggie Edwards in 2007.

Farm Business
We have about 45 pedigree Red Poll calves each year and so have up to 130 animals. We sell organic pedigree breeding heifers to other farmers as well as using the steers for beef. We are part of the Higher Level Scheme as well as being Organic. We have diversified with B&B (Bed and Breakfast) in the farmhouse and letting the Old Piggery as a self catering unit. See   for more information. Many of our guests have become regular purchasers of our beef.  

The Red Poll Cattle Society
For more information about the Red Poll breed of cattle, please look at the new website of the Red Poll Cattle Society. 

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Red Poll Mum and calf

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